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“Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 2” is a heartwarming episode of the Haikyuu series. In it, Inoue Kyo, who is also the inventor of the small robot known as “The Machine” that was being used in the tournament, dies. This kills the possibility that The Machine will be able to compete against the other players on their own level. However, after another try is made touscope into the tournament program, The Machine falls short and is eliminated. The episode then turns serious as Kyouta Keka, who is now known as “Thejunior” begins to make progress.

Inoue Kyo had been working on a small project at home when he started getting vibes from a spirit about his project that said it would be able to compete against other players at their own level. He wasn’t sure if it was real or not, but he decided to take a chance and tried to put his plan into action. He managed to do something with The Machine, but his success or failure depends on the opinion of others. In this episode, he decides to take his project to the next step and starts using his own power to compete against other players.

Haikyuu Episode 2 English Dubbed

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