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“Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 20: The Path to Peak Performance”

Tobio Kageyama is a prodigy. He’s 23 years old, and he’s the son of the man who wasae the first Japanese player to win a world title in the wolffields. But his journey is not only difficult to handle, it’s also different than any other he’s ever known. He’s told you so himself, in a way that never seems to make sense. Even though he’s told you that he’s different, the prodigy still wants to win. When Hinata enrolls at Karasuno High School, he believes that he is one step closer to becoming a professional volleyball player. The school only retains a shadow of its former greatness, and even though his tall and strong classmates tell him differently, Hinata continues to believe that he is good enough to make it in the world of professional volleyball. In order for him to make his dreams come true, he needs to join the team of Kageyama and others like him in playing with their all-encompassing “the path to peak performance.”

Haikyuu Episode 20 English Dubbed

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