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Haikyuu Episode 23 English Dubbed

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In this episode, we see the Little Giant and his team against Tobio Kageyama’s team. It is up to Hinata to make a statement that he is not just “a little giant” after all. The match begins to be about who is first to reach the final out of six teams. Although it seems like Hinata will let the small chance of reaching the final out pass him, Kageyama unexpected showing makes him realize that there is more to him than just a small capacity for pain. The match then goes into full swing with hot and cold moments that make you question whether or not Hinata has been true to himself yet. In the end, it is Hinata’s words that finally prove him wrong as he reaches the final out. The show does a great job in incorporating English dubbing for the anime release of Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 23 which will be available online and on DVD/BD on February 5th.

Haikyuu Episode 23 English Dubbed

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