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Haikyuu Episode 25 English Dubbed

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In the year 20xx, the great world war has already lasted for over 20 years. It’s said that the firstsers who survive the war will show how it was possible for so many people to go through such a terrible experience. The few survivors who remain go through a variety of methods to avoid attention, and some of them even talk about their experiences in order to get money to buy food for their families. At the end of the episode, we see a video call between Kageyama and Hinata, where he tells her that they are both going to the Olympics. And in the end, we finally see Hinata prove her mettle by competing in the middle school tournament as a “Little Giant”.

The new season of Haikyuu begins with a bang, as one might expect. After a long time without an episode being released, we finally see what we’ve been waiting for. The Little Giant is back and this time, he’s not only good but he’s huge. He wins most of the matches, but when he tries to leave during the post-match meeting, he’s stopped by the school yearbook staff. They put up aarchment over his head and state “This is how our Little Giant looks like.”

Haikyuu Episode 25 English Dubbed

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