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“Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 7” is a heartwarming episode of the Haikyuu anime. In an effort to find a new way to become professional, who comes up with the idea to play in a division where the objective is to win a championship? It’s up to Hinata to come up with a plan that will help his team make it through.

The episode is about Hinata’s development and how he deals with his changes. He tells Tobio about his feelings and how Tobio helps him understand them. Then, in order to help Hinata reach his goals, Kageyama is introduced to him. At first, Hinata was hesitant about being around Kageyama because he thought he was going to do somethingzy or do somethinginc Sword exactly like what had happened in the last episode but soon realizes that Kageyama has a heart of gold and is more than capable of helping Hinata in his goals. The development of the team and the way they are working together is veryractical and makes the season one of plusrol for Haikyuu.

Haikyuu Episode 7 English Dubbed

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