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“Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 8: The First Round of Battle” begins with the new students of Karasuno walking into the office of their football coach. One by one, they are leaving iniangenese for the start of the season. It is small school season, and the first step in the season is to play against the other teams in the region. The second step is to bring their game to the next level and compete in the Jugendherbe (lit. “ youth service”). Then, they take on the Protegees (lit. “Youngsters”) and fight them until one team escapes and they become the new champion. Finally, they go up against thezbekistan national team and win a spot in the final stage of the World Cup.

The Little Giant is a professional volleyball player who has been left behind by his middle school volleyball team. He wants to make his debut as a professional player, but he is held back by his smaller peers because of his size. When Hinata arrives at Karasuno, he realizes that his only chance of making it as a professional player is if he makes it to the top dog in his class. He has to work hard and prove that he is different from the other players, because he knows that he is just like them, just not very tall and strong.

Haikyuu Episode 8 English Dubbed

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